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About Bonnie Hame

We’re Ranu and Aman, busy working parents with a passion for on-trend furniture & home accessories.

Like many other families, juggling responsibilities, we wanted to create our own beautiful home. But often we are short on time for endless trips to the shops.

In Scotland, where we are based, “Beautiful Home” translates to “Bonnie Hame”. It sounded so warm and inviting that we have used this as the name for our new business! Wherever you live, and however you describe your home, there’s no doubt it’s your special place. It should be a haven where you enjoy spending your time.

Bonnie Hame makes it easy to find just what you need to give your home the wow factor. We’re supporting our Indian homeland by selling beautiful and unusual furniture from artisan producers, and, we’re introducing something new and exciting to the UK online marketplace – quarterly subscription boxes of hand-selected, seasonal themed, home décor items delivered straight to your door.

They’ll save you time searching on the High Street, and can instantly update your home each season, all for just £16 a month! Why not gift a one-off box to someone special, who is perhaps setting up their first home, or getting married?

We’ve also personally researched and chosen our high end, a capsule collection of furniture. Using sustainable manufacturers in Rajasthan in India, we are very excited to bring you these stunning pieces from all around the home. Our collection not only meets our high ethical standards but is full of items we’d be happy to have in our Bonnie Hame too. Happy Shopping!

Design Your Personal Space

At Bonnie Hame, every home is a work of art. We feel that hiring a professional designer is an investment, not an extravagance, in your home.

Our aesthetic is modern, classic, and timeless. Our design approach is unique to each project, but it is always respectful of the nature of the properties we work on in the West of Scotland.

Our procurement staff can provide a turn-key solution for furnishing your house, including the purchase, storage, and installation of furnishings.


Love your earth as much as you do your hame.
We are more aware than ever of our carbon footprint, the sustainability component of our sourcing, packaging, and consumption, and our overall influence on the environment as a company at Bonnie Hame. As a result, by the end of 2027, we hope to have reduced our carbon impact by 80%. This enables us five years to analyse and implement the exact changes and adaptations needed to achieve our objective.

What we've already done:
  1. We’ve replaced the plastic stickers on our Bonnie Boxes with 100 percent recyclable paper stickers.
  2. The packing nuggets that were previously utilised to cushion the objects have been replaced with biodegradable packing nuggets that are 100 percent biodegradable. These soluble nuggets are derived from maize-based starch and are non-toxic and compostable. Simply rinse them under running water or place them in a sink filled with water. Keep an eye on them as they vanish!
  3. All of the bulbs in our offices and showroom have been replaced with low-energy bulbs.
  4. We have lowered our overall paper consumption. We’ve replaced our old way of printing and choosing orders with handheld scanners for picking and packing our orders.
What we aim to do by the end of 2022:
  1. We want to make all of the packaging in our Bonnie Boxes 100 percent sustainable and recyclable.
  2. We’re going to replace all of our plastic tape with 100% recyclable tape.
  3. Allow customers to choose whether or not they want their items delivered in recycled pre-used packaging.
  4. Install sensors in our workplaces’ lights to cut down on wasted energy.