The Easy Chair is making a comeback.  Here are our top tips for styling this trend in your home.

There is a very subtle difference between an accent chair and an easy chair. 

They can both be stylish, on-trend, and used to bring purpose to uninteresting, or awkward spaces in a room.  Accent chairs, however, are not designed to be sat in for long periods of time, whereas you should be able to curl up on an easy chair with a good book and while away a pleasant hour or two.

Easy Chairs are not purely aesthetic, but that does not mean that they can’t be beautiful.  With so many styles available, the right colour and pattern can accentuate your room’s décor, or even add playful colour contrast to a plain room.  Easy chairs should be both visually pleasing and functional and can be used in any room.  They can work just as well in bedrooms, living rooms and even hallways, with endless options in size and scale you can add interest to any space with a cleverly chosen easy chair.

A popular easy chair style is the ‘slipper chair’.  It is usually low to the ground, armless and designed for someone to ease themselves into and ‘slip’ off their shoes.  While originally designed to be a bedroom chair, they are stylish enough to slide into any living space in your home.  One of my favourite examples is the Sommer Easy Chair, with its soft-touch fabric and striking design making it a stand out addition to any room.  I could easily curl up with a book, or sit back with a glass of something chilled and relax in this statement chair.

If you like the support of arms, but don’t want a classic armchair, you could try a leisure chair, like the Payton Leisure Chair.  Designed for comfort, these chairs are full of character and less traditional than other easy chair styles, making them perfect for less formal areas like conservatories and sunrooms.

When choosing colours, earthy tones like oranges, greys, browns and yellows are here to stay as both Dulux and Pantone’s colours of the year demonstrate.  If your room is already decorated in neutral tones, you could use a new chair to bring a contrasting fresh colour into the room.

For patterns and textures, velvet is still a popular choice for an easy chair, as is soft, supple leather.  It doesn’t have to be brown or black though, as our Harrison Mid Century Armchair shows with its rich blue faux leather back and arms.  It is also right on trend with the classic houndstooth upholstery and slender metal legs.

So what’s your take on the easy chair revival?  What would you choose – arms or armless?  Classic shape, or modern accent?  Tag us on Instagram to let us know how you are styling yours and you could be featured in our stories, or even on a future blog.