How can you replicate that ‘Five-Star’ look?

We’re here to tell you, it can be done!

At Bonnie Hame, it is our mission to help our customers effortlessly transform their homes. Here are our top tips for achieving that all-important five-star look:


The world’s top hotels take years planning their interiors to maximise space and light. Make sure you plan and measure all of the furniture pieces you plan to buy for your home so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when you are placing the items. If it’s a bedroom to which you’re giving that luxury five-star look, the bed is the most important item of course, as well as, most probably, the largest.

The bed should be on the longest uninterrupted wall or the one which you see from the entrance. Then you can place bedside tables, or nightstands (which include drawers for storage whereas bedside tables do not – check out our Farnham), a wardrobe, maybe even a luxurious and romantic chair such as our New Orleans scalloped velvet armchairs, or a footstool for the ultimate comfort. And don’t be afraid to experiment – what if you placed your bed between two windows?


Many luxury hotels do go for a classic neutral colour scheme, such as white, grey or beige, but often they do accentuate feature walls, for example, with quiet adventurous colour. We love colour at Bonnie Hame, so think of the colours you love best, perhaps you have seen an inspirational use of colour or print in a hotel you’ve stayed in yourself?  Maybe have a print on a fabric headboard for example, and match with cushions, throws and other soft furnishings. The general rule is only to use two to three colours.


For lighting, which is so important in a bedroom, at least three light sources are recommended; such as the main light, bedside lamps, floor lamp, or a hidden LED, which give indirect, soft light. Candles also create a romantic, relaxing feel. We’ve recently started stocking stunning gold Aloha Wall Sconces at Bonnie Hame. These will cast flickering shadows across your wall.  We also have our Linear lanterns in graphite wirework to match in with more contemporary styling.

Artwork & Wall Hangings

The wall where your bed stands is your main accent wall. You can add more drama by placing artwork, or a feature wall hanging, above the bed. Abstract art is a great choice because it creates the best statement and can easily match and complement the colour scheme. You can also use your favourite artwork as an inspiration for your bedroom colour palette. We have some beautiful statement pieces here at Bonnie Hame, such as the Earth set of four Wall Arts in Agate Blue, or Black & Gold. Or opt for circular metal circles in the Neilston Wall Art in black or gold.

Comfortable Mattress

The reason the bed in your 5-star hotel room is so comfortable is that they choose the best mattress for their beds, and so should you. However, choosing a mattress is very individual. So going to specialised shops and trying them out would be a perfect idea so that you choose the one that is the most comfortable for you.


As your sleep quality affects your next day’s mood and wellbeing, it is important to choose the best products that have direct contact with your skin. Five-star hotel bedrooms have the most comfortable mattresses and luxurious, soft, best quality bed textiles. Would it be a rug underneath your feet, bed sheets, bedspreads, throws, it is important to choose quality products made of natural materials. So getting the best bed sheets you can afford is a great choice in terms of budget planning.

Thread count is not really the main factor, it’s more important to feel the overall weight of the sheet set, as well as the softness of the material. Some people love silk, others prefer bamboo, Tencel, linen or sateen. Have a preference for natural materials as polyester will make you sweat and feel uncomfortable.

A rug in the bedroom is also a great investment. You can add a small runner under your feet or choose a big perimeter rug, everything depends on your budget. If you decide on placing a big rug, it should be big enough to cover two-thirds of your bed and cover some perimeter around it.

So there you go. Have we inspired you?

Head to our full furniture range for even more ways to transform your living space and create that five-star feel.